All of our starters for Claas®, Lexion®, and Challenger® combines are disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Most units receive new field coils and, if it meets OE specifications, the armature is test turned and undercut, otherwise it is replaced with a quality factory remanufactured or new part. Starters with factory solenoids have the solenoids replaced with new parts. The drive is carefully inspected and if it does not meet specifications it is replaced with new or quality factory remanufactured drives.

Prices listed include core charges where applicable. Core charges are refundable upon receipt of serviceable core.

Please, check part number on starter before ordering.

Need help finding what you need? Call one of our knowledgeable sales associates at the toll-free number listed above.

Starter, 12 Volt
Part Number: AMV836873457

Combines - A76, R66, R76, S67, S68, S77, S78, S88

Case IH®
Tractors - CS78, CS80, CS85, CS86, CS94, CS95 Pro, CS105 Pro, CS110, CS120, CS130, CS150, CVX120, CVX130, CVX140, CVX150, CVX160, CVX170, CVX175, CVX190, CVX195, CVX1135, CVX1145, CVX1155, CVX1170, CVX1190, CVX1195

Tractors - MT745D, MT755D, MT765D

Combines - 520C, 540C, 670B

Massey Ferguson®
Combine - 9520

Replaces OEM Part Numbers V836873457, 84284540

Your Price: $345.00

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