Belt Tensioners

Belt Tensioners for Case IH® Cotton Pickers. Used Case IH® cotton picker parts, along with additional new and remanufactured products not sold online, are available by calling toll-free 1-800-255-0337.

Belt Tensioner
Part Number: AM87317615

Case IH®
Combines - 2377, 2388, 2577, 2588, 5088, 6088, 7088

Cotton Pickers - 420, 620, 625

Replaces OEM Part Number 87317615

Your Price: $149.60

Belt Tensioner
Part Number: AM87436755

Case IH®
Tractors - MX210, MX230, MX240, MX255, MX270, MX285, STX275, STX280 (SN Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX325, STX330 (SN Z6F100023-Z6F105001)

Steiger® Tractors - 280 (ASN Z6F105001), 330 (ASN Z6F105001), 335

Combines - 2366 (ASN JJC0255700), 2377 (SN HAJ0292001-HAJ0300000), 2388

Cotton Pickers - CPX610, CPX620

Sprayer - SPX4410

Floaters - FLX3010, FLX3300B, FLX3330B, FLX3510, FLX4010, FLX4300, FLX4375, FLX4510

Irrigation Power Units - PX190, PX215, PX240

Ford®/New Holland®
Tractors - TG210, TG230, TG255, TG285, TJ280, TJ330, T9020

Irrigation Power Units - SE190, SE215, SE240

Replaces OEM Part Numbers 87436755, 87409564, 87775209, J934819, J945527, J945849

Your Price: $78.00

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