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Augers - Unloading Collar & Tubes

Unloading Auger Collar Assemblies for Gleaner® combines features nylon rotating plates instead of ball bearings to eliminate clogging and make rotation smooth. Used Gleaner® combine parts, along with additional new and remanufactured products not sold online, are available by calling toll-free 1-800-255-0337.

Unloading Auger Collar
Part Number: AM71339770

Gleaner® Combines - F2 (ASN 36201), F3 (ASN 49601), K2 (ASN 25201)

Replaces OEM Part Numbers 71339770, 71127991, 71128088

Your Price: $792.72

Unloading Auger Collar
Part Number: AM71373910

Gleaner® Combines - L (ASN 26001), L2, L3, M (ASN 24701), M2, M3, N5 (ASN 4501), N6 (ASN 5101), N7, R40, R50

Replaces OEM Part Numbers 71373910, 71127991, 71173651, 71333439

Your Price: $1284.46

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