Fuel Lift Pumps

Fuel Lift Pumps for Kubota® Tractors. Used Kubota® tractor parts, along with additional new and remanufactured products not sold online, are available by calling toll-free 1-800-255-0337.

Fuel Lift Pump
Part Number: AM17121-52030
Kubota® Tractors - L35TL, L39, L45, L48TL, L2800DHW, L2800DT, L2800F, L2900DT, L2900DTGST, L2900F, L3000DT, L3000F, L3010DT, L3010F, L3010GST, L3010HST, L3130DT, L3130F, L3130GST, L3130HST, L3240DT, L3240F, L3240GST, L3240HST, L3240HSTC, L3300DT, L3300DT-GST, L3300F, L3400DT, L3400F, L3400HST, L3410DT, L3410GST, L3410HST, L3430DT, L3430GST, L3430HST, L3430HSTC, L3540GST, L3540HST, L3540HSTC, L3600DT, L3600DTC/GSTC, L3600GST, L3700SUHSTP, L3710DT, L3710GST, L3710HST, L3710HSTC, L3830DT, L3830F, L3830GST, L3830HST, L3940DT, L3940GST, L3940HST, L3940HSTC, L4200DT-GST, L4200DT-GSTC, L4200DTGHST, L4240DT, L4240GST, L4240HST, L4240HSTC, L4300DT, L4300F, L4310DT, L4310F, L4310GST, L4310GSTC, L4310HST, L4310HSTC, L4330DT, L4330GST, L4330HST, L4330HSTC, L4400DT, L4400DW, L4400FV, L4400FW, L4400H, L4400W, L4610GST, L4610HST, L4610HSTC, L4630DT, L4630GST, L4630HST, L4630HSTC, L4740, L5030GST, L5030HST, L5030HSTC, L5040GST, L5240, L5450DT, L5740, M59, M4700, M4700DT, M4800SU, M4900, M4900C, M4900DT, M4900DTC, M4900S, M4900SC, M4900SCS-F, M4900SD, M4900SDC, M4900SU, M4900SUD, M5400, M5400DT, M5400DT-N, M5700, M5700C, M5700DT, M5700DT-N, M5700DTC, M5700HD-F, M5700HDC, MX4700DT, MX4700F, MX4700HST, MX5000DT, MX5000F, MX5100DT, MX5100F

Replaces OEM Part Numbers 17121-52030, 17121-52031, 1C010-52033

Your Price: $55.00

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