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9690, 9695, 9790, 9795, 9895

Combine Belts to fit Massey Ferguson® 9690, 9695, 9790, 9795, and 9895 combines.

All Q-Power agricultural belts are manufactured to American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) specifications specifically for agricultural applications. Q-Power Belts have been in the field in Europe, North America, South America, and Africa for many years and have proven to be able to perform in any harvest condition.

So, when you can't stop, you need the belt that won't stop. Call one of our sales associates at the toll-free number above. Q-Power - Quality Always Comes Through!

Belt - Alternator/Fan
Part Number: AM71444986

Gleaner® Combines
Alternator and Fan - S67, S77

Alternator - S68, S96, S97, S98

Challenger® Combine
Alternator and Fan - 670B (ASN BHC07101)

Massey Ferguson® Combines
Alternator and Fan - 9695 (ASN BHC06101), 9795 (ASN BHC07101)

Alternator - 9520

Replaces OEM Part Number 71444986

Your Price: $31.82

Belt - Alternator/Fan Drive
Part Number: AMV685121585

Gleaner® Combines
Alternator/Fan Drive - A65, A75 (Engine BSN T11858), R65 (ASN HR62101), R75 (ASN HR72101)

Massey Ferguson® Combines
Alternator/Fan Drive (SISU) - 9690 (ASN HR87101), 9790 (ASN HR36101)

Replaces OEM Part Number V685121585

Your Price: $53.01

Belt - Rotary Screen
Part Number: AM71396754

Gleaner® Combines - A65, A66, A75, A76, A85, A86, R66, R76, S67, S68, S77, S78, S88, S96, S97, S98

Challenger® Combines - 660 (ASN HR87101), 660B, 670, 670B, 680B

Massey Ferguson® Combines - 9690 (ASN HR87101), 9695, 9790, 9795, 9895

Replaces OEM Part Number 71396754

Your Price: $15.93

Belt - Straw Chopper Drive
Part Number: AM71388712

Massey Ferguson® Combines
Straw Chopper Drive - 8570, 8780 (SN W55101-HL87999 and ASN V51101)

Straw Chopper Drive, Secondary - 9690 (BSN HR87101), 9790 (BSN HR36101)

Replaces OEM Part Numbers 71388712, 1033210M1

Your Price: $81.18

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