Catalog Request

If you would like to have a catalog sent to you, simply complete the form below and click Submit. All catalogs are sent via United States Postal Service 4th Class mail and delivery times will vary by location and timing of request. If you have purchased from us in the past two years or have submitted a catalog request during that same time period, you are already on our catalog mailing list and will receive new catalogs as they become available.

Please Read Before Entering Your Information: All information is submitted through a secure connection for your protection. Information received from you is for internal use only and is kept confidential. Email addresses are only used to send a confirmation that we have received your information. Please make sure that you've entered a valid email address, mailing address and phone number, including area code (the phone number given to us becomes your Customer ID with Abilene Machine). Catalog requests with invalid addresses, phone numbers and email addresses will not be honored. If you have placed a catalog request within the past two years, please do not resubmit.