Abilene Machine® offers a full line of remanufactured, new and used crankshafts to serve your every need and price range. Our new crankshafts are manufactured using state of the art production and quality control systems. These systems are monitored throughout the manufacturing processes to ensure the highest level of quality.

Abilene Machine’s crankshafts are heat treated to ensure crack resistance even under the heaviest of loads.  Our unique manufacturing process allows us control over raw materials by means of an ARL spectrometer and complete mechanical testing equipment to insure hardness, fatigue strength and impact performance.

Abilene Machine® Crankshafts provide the high quality and consistent reliability our customers expect and demand while remaining affordable in price. 


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  1. Crankshaft with Gears
    Crankshaft with Gears
    SKU: AMRE535300

    8.1 PowerTech™ BSN 142157, 496 CID 8.1 Liter 6 Cylinder Engine

    John Deere®
    Tractors - 7810, 7820, 7920, 8100, 8100T, 8110T, 8120T, 8200, 8200T, 8210T, 8220T, 8300, 8300T, 8310T, 8320T, 8400, 8400T, 8410T, 8420T, 8520T, 9100, 9120

    Combines - 9510, 9510SH, 9550, 9550SH, 9560STS, 9610, 9650, 9650CTS, 9650STS, 9660, 9660CTS, 9660STS, 9750STS, 9760STS, 9780CTS (SN 071443-072697 and ASN 072800) , CTS, CTS II

    Cotton Pickers - 9970, 9976, 9986, 9996

    Sprayer - 4920

    Industrial Tractors - 250D, 300D, 330C, 330LC, 330LLC, 330LCR, 370C, 530B, 535, 560D, 608L (ASN 006020), 608S (SN 10BA1045-007075), 644G, 644H, 644J (BSN 611231), 660D, 724J, 740G (BSN 565684), 748G, 748G II (SN 565685-576602), 748G III (ASN 576603), 753G (SN 002001-002063), 753J, 753GH, 759G, 759J, 759JH, 770C (BSN 582129), 770C II (ASN 582130), 770CH (BSN 582129), 770CH II (ASN 582130), 770D, 772CH (BSN 582129), 772CH II (ASN 582130), 772D, 786G, 848G, 850, 850C (BSN 883331), 850C II (ASN 883332), 850J, 853G (ASN 0030847), 853J, 853JH, 870D, 872D, 900 (ASN 001001), 903G (ASN 002001), 903J, 903JH, 909J, 909JH, 950 (ASN 009004), 953G (ASN 004005), 953J, 959J, 1710D, 1711D, 3554

    Stroke - 5.059"
    Flange - 6 Bolt Holes, 1 Dowel Hole, Centering Ring, Right Hand Helix Oil Pump Drive Gear Installed, 74 Tooth
    Snout - Straight, 1 Bolt Hole, 2 Keyways, Timing Gear Installed, 27 Tooth, 27 mm

    Replaces OEM Numbers: RE535300, R35502, RE55522
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1 Item