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Inframe Kit, 504BD Engine, Diesel


Case® Industrial/Construction - W24, W24B

6 Cylinder Engine with 4.625" Standard Bore, 5.000" Stroke, 5.094" Fire Dam, 1.800" Piston Pin, Keystone Top Rings

- Cylinder Kits
- Rod Bearings
- Main Bearings
- Head Gasket Set
- Oil Pan Gasket Set
- Oil Pump O-Ring

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Customize Inframe Kit, 504BD Engine, Diesel
6 x Cylinder Kit SKU: AMA46025
1 x Head Gasket Set SKU: AMA189545
1 x Oil Pump O-Ring SKU: AMA64434
1 x Oil Pan Gasket Set for Case® Tractor, A152479 SKU: AMA152479
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Inframe Kit, 504BD Engine, Diesel


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Product Details

If it's time to find a Case® engine overhaul kit, count on Abilene Machine to have a high-quality, in-frame engine overhaul kit at a farm-friendly price.

Diesel engine overhaul kits aren't all the same, and if you've ever had to rebuild a motor that you JUST rebuilt, you know we're talking about the quality of the parts.

When you overhaul your engine with one of our in frame rebuild kits, you'll be able to feel the difference quality parts make.

We carry the best tractor engine rebuild kits so you can power through demanding workloads, move with persistence and go the distance.

Restore your engine with OEM bearing tolerances, like-new ring seal and compression, and the confidence that you've gotten your engine kit from Abilene Machine!

Our inframe diesel engine overhaul kits come with everything you need to refresh the motor without removing it from the frame.

Cylinder kits provide new pistons and wrist pin bushings, premium piston rings, and cylinder sleeves to ensure the best compression seal. We also provide new high-tensile rod bolts, camshaft bearings, cam plug, head gasket set, and an oil pan gasket set to seal it up.

To round out the kit, select the size of connecting rod bearings and crankshaft main bearings you need. We offer standard bearing sizes if your crank cleaned up with a polish, and 0.010, 0.020, 0.030 inch undersize bearings for cranks that have been machined down.

When you build an engine for anything on your farm or ranch, you want it to last. We want it to last, too, and that's why we provide premium engine parts at a great value. Your success is our success, after all!

We stock overhaul kits for gas and diesel engines in thousands of makes and models of popular tractors, combines, skid steers – anything you use on the job. We are the ag part experts!

If you've noticed that your engine seems tired and won't pull like it used to, has more and more blow-by, is carrying less and less oil pressure, or has even started knocking to let you know it's about to give up the ghost, call Abilene Machine!

Everything you can buy in our overhaul set is available individually if you're just after a quick fix to get you by to the next opportunity to rebuild your engine. We know all about that life, because we live that life.

We make it easy to get the parts you need, and our knowledgeable sales staff always provides Honest. Personal. Service. every time you do business with the Abilene Machine family.

Warranty Info

Abilene Machine, LLC offers a standard 1-year warranty on all new, used and remanufactured parts. Abilene Machine reserves the right to inspect any or all parts returned for warranty before warranty claims will be honored. In all instances, Abilene Machine's sole liability will be either replacing the defective part or a refund not to exceed the purchase price of the defective part.


Additional Notes
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Kit Includes
- Cylinder Kits - Rod Bearings - Main Bearings - Head Gasket Set - Oil Pan Gasket Set - Oil Pump O-Ring
Engine Fitment
6 Cylinder Engine with 4.625" Standard Bore, 5.000" Stroke, 5.094" Fire Dam, 1.800" Piston Pin, Keystone Top Rings
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Case® Industrial/Construction - W24, W24B