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Intake Valve for Caterpillar®, Hyster®, Massey Ferguson®, 3142L051

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Intake Valve for Caterpillar®, Hyster®, Massey Ferguson®, 3142L051

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When your tractor engine needs a valve job, count on Abilene Machine to have high-quality cylinder head parts at farm-friendly prices. If you have a bent valve, sunk valve, or one that and can’t be ground to tolerance, we have you covered.

Get the most bang out of each combustion event with good valve seal. We carry the best tractor cylinder head rebuild parts so you can power through demanding workloads with ease. We stock parts for gas and diesel engines in thousands of makes and models of popular tractors, combines, skid steers, and most any equipment you use on the job. We are the ag parts experts!

As a family-owned company, Abilene Machine has been providing farmers with dependable agricultural replacement parts for over 40 years. Whether you need to make a repair or perform scheduled maintenance, you can depend on us to help keep your equipment in great working condition. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable sales staff. We have over 100 years of combined ag parts sales experience to assist you.


Head Diameter - 1.775"
Length - 4.84"
Valve Degree - 45° Valve
Valve Type - Intake

Build List Numbers:
Perkins®: AA35070, AA37530, AA50254, AA50261, AA50271, AA50324, AA50393, AA50430, AA50490, AA50507, AA50508, AA50550, AA50608, AA70216, AA70218, AA70219, AA70240, AA70274, AA70370, AA80427, AA80435, AA80595, AA80683, AG31267, AG31285, AG70324, AG80757, LM31290, LM31291, LM31295, LM31319, LM31320, LM31324, LM31325, LM31326, LM31287, LM31378, LM31379, LM31380, LM31381, LM31382, LM31383, LM31384, LM31385,YA30600, YA31230, YA31232, YA31240, YA31250, YA31301, YA31315, YA31396, YA31397, YA35081, YA50214, YA50296, YA50339, YA50347, YA50376, YA50532, YA70217, YA70245, YA70337, YA80425
Caterpillar®: 6I-2215, 6I-2217, 6I-2220, 6I-2222, 100-4276, 103-8795, 104-2987, 106-5001, 107-3778, 108-0495, 108-0497, 108-7041, 111-4607, 116-2870, 118-9433, 118-9435, 120-6832, 127-9162, 138-1714, 143-3480, 143-3482, 153-5363, 186-3351, 211-6542, 211-6543, 211-6544, 211-6556, 212-1386, 213-4805, 213-6912, 215-2364, 215-5540, 215-5542, 216-5186, 229-8820, 234-8781

OEM Reference Number: 3142L051, 6I0282, 748413M1, 2200050


Abilene Machine, LLC offers a standard 1-year warranty on all new, used and remanufactured parts. Abilene Machine reserves the right to inspect any or all parts returned for warranty before warranty claims will be honored. In all instances, Abilene Machine's sole liability will be either replacing the defective part or a refund not to exceed the purchase price of the defective part.

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What it fits

Backhoe-Loaders - 416B, 416C, 428B, 428C

Compactors - CB-434B, CB-434C, CB-544, CB-545, CP-323C, CP-433C, CS-323C, CS-431C, CS-433C, PS-150B

Excavator - 307

Telehandlers - TH62, TH63, TH82, TH83

Forklifts - H12.00XK, H165, H170, H180, H190, H200, H210, H225, H250, H280

Dump Truck - 712

Wheel Loader - 425

Massey Ferguson®
Tractors - 396, 399, 3095, 3120, 4225, 4235, 4240, 4260, 4270, 6170

Wheel Tractors - 640, 650

Scat Trak®
Skid Steer Loaders - 1700C, 1800C, 1800CX