Case IH Remote Valves & Kits

Abilene Machine is proud to offer our FARMTUFF® Ag Replacement Parts for Case IH® Remote Valves & Kits and much more. All of the FARMTUFF® Replacement Parts are made to meet OEM specifications and requirements. That means when you buy from Abilene Machine you can be rest assured that you are getting a quality replacement part at a farm friendly price.

  1. Remote Valve
    Remote Valve
    SKU: AM367422A1
    Replaces OEM Numbers: 367422A1, 367422A3

    Case IH® Tractors - MX180 (ASN JJA0105000), MX200 (ASN JJA0105000), MX220 (ASN JJA0105000), MX240 (ASN JJA0105000), MX270 (ASN JJA0105000)

    Center Valve
    Casting Marked M

  2. Internal Female Coupler Kit
    Internal Female Coupler Kit
    SKU: AM84262367
    Replaces OEM Numbers: 84262367, 93328C1, 93328C2, 93328C3, 275182A1, 275182A2, 321623A1, 321623A2, 345193A1, 375262A1, 47881535, 86026209, 87773784, 87775632, 87776294, 719646006, 719646016, 719648006, 719648016

    Case IH®
    Tractors - 7110, 7120, 7130, 7140, 7150, 7210, 7220, 7230, 7240, 7250, 8910, 8920, 8930, 8940, 8950, Magnum 215, Magnum 245, Magnum 255, Magnum 275, Magnum 305, Magnum 335, MX180, MX200, MX210, MX215, MX220, MX230, MX240, MX245, MX255, MX270, MX275, MX285, MX305, STX275, STX280, STX325, STX330, STX375, STX380, STX425, STX430, STX440, STX450, STX480, STX500, STX530

    Steiger® Tractors - 280, 330, 335, 380, 385, 430, 435, 480, 485, 530, 535

    Ford®/New Holland®
    Tractors - T8010, T8020, T8030, T8040, T8050, T9020, T9030, T9040, T9050, T9060, TG210, TG215, TG230, TG245, TG255, TG275, TG285, TG305, TJ275, TJ280, TJ325, TJ330, TJ375, TJ380, TJ425, TJ430, TJ450, TJ480, TJ500, TJ530

    Recommended to purchase in quantities of two (pressure and return)
    Genuine OEM Coupler includes HA345193 O-Ring and Seal Kit

  3. Hydraulic Coupler
    Hydraulic Coupler
    SKU: AM195315A2
    Replaces OEM Numbers: 195315A2, 195315A1, 84207573

    Case IH® Tractors - MX80C, MX90C, MX100, MX100C, MX110, MX120, MX135, MX180 (BSN JJA0105000), MX220 (BSN JJA0105000), MX240 (BSN JJA0105000), MX270 (BSN JJA0105000)

    It is recommended to purchase in quantities of two (pressure and return)

  4. Remote Valve - Right Hand
    Remote Valve - Right Hand
    SKU: AM393974A3
    Replaces OEM Numbers: 393974A3

    Case IH® Tractors ASN JJA0104999 - MX180, MX200, MX220, MX240, MX270

    Right Hand Side Valve
    Marked L