Replacement Parts for Kubota® Tractors

The Parts You Need for Continued Performance

Kubota tractors require dependable maintenance and service. The only thing that works harder than your farming equipment is you. Protecting your best tools with planned maintenance and high-quality parts replacement is key for continued success. Whether it’s fan belts or engine rebuild kits, Abilene Machine is here to help you keep doing your important work. We recognize how demanding farm work can be and are here to support your success and keep your Kubota® tractors working hard for you from start to finish.

Kubota® Tractor Parts for Online Ordering

Kubota® Tractor replacement parts available include:

Many more types of Kubota® replacement parts and components are available through Abilene Machine. If you can’t find the part you need contact us for assistance. Our staff is committed to providing you the quality you need for the toughest jobs.


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Kubota Parts Catalog
  1. AM3C081-91450 Left Lift Link Rod  for Kubota Tractor, replaces OEM number 3C081-91450.
    Lift Link Assembly - Left Hand for Kubota® Tractor, 3C081-91450
    SKU: AM3C081-91450

    Tractors - M5-091HD, M5-091HD-1, M5-091HD12, M5-091HD12-1, M5-091HDC, M5-091HDC-1, M5-091HDC12, M5-091HDC12-1, M5-091HF, M5-091HF-1, M5-091HFC, M5-091HFC-1, M5-111HD, M5-111HD12, M5-111HDC, M5-111HDC12, M5-111HDC24, M5-111HF, M5-111HFC, M5L-111, M8560HD, M8560HD12, M8560HDC, M8560HDC12, M8560HF, M8560HFC, M9540HDC-LTD, M9540HDC24-1, M9960HD, M9960HD12, M9960HDC, M9960HDC12, M9960HDL, M9960HDLSN, M9960HF, M9960HFC

    Tractors ASN 053334 - M8540DT, M8540DT-1, M8540DTC, M8540DTC-1

    Tractors ASN 10405 - M8540F, M8540F-1, M8540FC, M8540FC-1

    Tractors ASN 53335 - M8540HD, M8540HD-1, M8540HD12, M8540HD12-1, M8540HDC, M8540HDC-1, M8540HDC12, M8540HDC12-1

    Tractors ASN 10613 - M9540F, M9540F-1, M9540FC, M9540FC-1, M9540HFL, M9540HFL-1, M9540HFL-1S

    Tractors ASN 57792 - M9540DT, M9540DT-1, M9540DTC, M9540DTC-1, M9540HD, M9540HD-1, M9540HD12, M9540HD12-1, M9540HDC, M9540HDC-1, M9540HDC12, M9540HDC12-1, M9540HDL, M9540HDL-1, M9540HDL-1S

  2. AMTLB440C 42 Inch LED Light Bar from Abilene Machine.
    LED Light Bar for Universal Equipment, TLB440C
    SKU: AMTLB440C

    Universal Equipment

    Floodlight/Spotlight Combo
    14500 Lumens
    240 Watts
    19 Amps
    For 12 Volt to 24 Volt Systems
    Mounting Bracket and Stainless Steel Hardware Included

    Length - 42.00"

  3. Grammer Suspension Rebuild Kit - Kit Angle View
    Grammer Suspension Rebuild Kit for Grammer MSG85 Mechanical Suspension, 1163691
    SKU: AM1163691

    For Grammer MSG85 Mechanical Suspensions

    - Adjusting Shaft
    - Clevis
    - Spindle
    - Springs
    - Weight Indicator
    - Hardware

  4. Grammer MSG87 Heavy Duty Mechanical Seat Suspension.
    Grammer Suspension, Mechanical for Grammer Seat Assemblies, 1347434
    SKU: AM1347434

    For Grammer Seat Assemblies

    - Grammer MSG87 mechanical suspension
    - Fore/aft adjustment
    - Height adjustment up to 3.10"
    - Suspension stroke up to 7.00"
    - Adjustable to suit driver's weight from 110 to 400 lbs
    - Weight indicator

  5. 35010-88360 Lower Radiator Hose for Kubota
    Lower Radiator Hose for Kubota® Tractor, 35010-88360
    SKU: AM35010-88360

    Kubota® Tractors - L2050DT, L2050F (ASN 010750)

  6. AM400SP 4 Inch x 47.5 Inch Black Finish Exhaust Straight Pipe.
    4 Inch x 47.5 Inch Black Finish Exhaust Straight Pipe
    SKU: AM400SP

    Universal Tractors

    Black Finish
    Straight Pipe

    Overall Length - 47.50"
    Inside Diameter - 4.00"

  7. Cover Assembly for Kubota® Tractor, 32530-14600
    Cover Assembly for Kubota® Tractor, 32530-14600
    SKU: AM32530-14600

    Kubota® Tractors
    Fits 11" Clutch - L3750, L3750DT, L4150DT, L4150DTN, L4850DT

    Diaphram Style

  8. Cover Assembly, 4 Lever for Kubota® Tractor, 36530-25110
    Cover Assembly, 4 Lever for Kubota® Tractor, 36530-25110
    SKU: AM36530-25110

    Kubota® Tractors
    Fits 13" Clutch - M6950, M6950C, M6950DTC, M6950DTS, M6950S, M6970DT, M7580DT, M7580DTC, M7950, M7950C, M7950DT, M7950DTC, M7950DTS, M7950S, M7970DT, M8540DT, M8540DTC, M8540F, M8580DT, M8580DTC, M8950, M8950C, M8950DT, M8950DTC, M8950DTS, M8970DT, M9540DT, M9540DTC, M9540F, M9540FC

    12 Spring

Items 1 to 8 of 571 total