Abilene Machine is now a premiere distributer of Grammar® replacement seat and suspensions for tractor and combine applications.  Not only do we offer the replacement seats but we also offer all the parts that make the seat up.  Whether it’s an old seat that just needs repaired or you want to replace it altogether; Abilene Machine has you covered.  We offer Grammar® replacement seats for almost every major brand including but not limited to: John Deere®, Case IH®, New Holland®, Kubota® and much more.

Key Features of the Grammar® Seat:

  • Cost Effective
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Comfortability

If you have any questions or need help finding your new seat please feel free to contact our sales staff today!


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  1. Suspension, Air
    Suspension, Air
    SKU: AM1292594

    Allis Chalmers®
    Tractors - 8745, 8765

    Combines - R40, R42, R50, R52, R60, R62, R70, R72

    Combines - 660, 670

    Massey Ferguson®
    Tractor - 8660

    Combines - 9690, 9790

    Tractors - 6124, 6144

    - Grammer MSG95GI DDS Air Suspension
    - Suspension stroke of 100 mm
    - Fore/aft adjustment
    - Height adjustment

    Replaces OEM Numbers: 1292594
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  2. Seat and Suspension Assembly, Black/Gray Fabric
    Seat and Suspension Assembly, Black/Gray Fabric
    SKU: AMSS6722

    Allis Chalmers® Tractors - 9435, 9455, 9630, 9650, 9670, 9675, 9815

    White® Tractors - 6105, 6124, 6125, 6144, 6145, 6175, 6195, 6215

    - 1060 Uni Pro Seat
    - Grammer MSG95 Air Suspension
    - Pedestal
    - Mounting Hardware
    - Installation Instructions

    - Durable black/gray fabric covering
    - Plush, spacious cushions for added comfort
    - Adjustable, fold-up armrests
    - Tapered, adjustable backrest for comfort and versatility
    - Backrest extension for extra backrest height
    - Seat cushions allow for depth and angle adjustment
    - Mechanical lumbar support
    - Shock absorber
    - Fore/aft isolator with 4.00" of travel absorbs jarring for extra comfort
    - Adjustable slide rails with 8.25" of travel
    - Air Suspension with 12-volt compressor with suspension travel of 3.00"
    - Operator presence switch
    - Durable suspension cover to keep components free of dirt and dust

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2 Items