FarmTuff® — What it means for you.

Abilene Machine understands the unique challenges you face daily. We know there is “tough” and then there is “farm tough.” Farm tough represents the determination that says this can be done and then doing it. What FarmTuff® means for you is getting quality products, made by people who know what you face, at farm friendly prices. Products designed to help you meet all of your FarmTuff® challenges. As a company, Abilene Machine truly understands what it takes to be successful at farming.

To meet this FarmTuff® philosophy, Abilene Machine proudly offers quality aftermarket tractor and combine parts at affordable prices. We’ve expanded our product line to include parts for headers, planters and drills, skid steers, cotton harvesting equipment, tillage products and so much more.

New and Featured Products

Hydraulic Pump, Tandem
Part Number: AMRE197623

John Deere® Tractors - 5103 (BSN 0101072), 5105, 5200 (ASN 111724), 5203 (BSN 000882), 5205, 5210, 5220, 5300 (ASN 121907), 5310, 5310N, 5320, 5320N, 5400 (ASN 131838), 5400N, 5500N

Replaces OEM Part Numbers RE197623, RE57445, RE68886

Your Price: $400.00

Vortex Coulter Blade
Part Number: AM820-011C

Great Plains® Vertical Tillage - TurboMax, Turbo-Till, Turbo-Chopper

Replaces OEM Part Number 820-011C

Your Price: $55.00

Part Number: AMAN205362

John Deere® Sprayers - 4700, 4710, 4720, 4730, 4830

Replaces OEM Part Number AN205362

Your Price: $395.00

Part Number: AMAN205761

John Deere® Sprayers - 4920, 4930, 4940, R4045

Replaces OEM Part Number AN205761

Your Price: $625.00

New John Deere 4045T Stationary Engine
Part Number: SEJD4045PT-N
Applications: John Deere® Engine - 4045 T S.E.

Engine: 4045 T S.E. JD
Engine Model:

Location: Solomon, KS. Please Call (800) 255-0337 for more information.

Your Price: $16500.00

Reman John Deere 6068T Stationary Engine
Part Number: SEJD6068-R
Applications: John Deere® Engine - 6068 T S.E.

Engine: 6068 T S.E. JD
Engine Model:

Location: Solomon, KS. Please Call (800) 255-0337 for more information.

Your Price: $22500.00

Gauge Wheel Tire, 4.50" x 16.00"
Part Number: AMA22884U

John Deere® Planters, Grain Drills, Air Seeders

Kinze® Planter Row Units - 2000 Series, 3000 Series

White® Planters - 5100-5700, 6000-8000

Replaces OEM Part Numbers A22884, 852060, F7100T, GD1086

Extended Wear

Our new solid one piece polyurethane extended wear gauge wheel tire eliminates the empty air pocket found in the center of the OEM rubber tires which can lead to premature cracking and failure. These tires are puncture proof and will retain their shape through out the life of the tire.

Your Price: $70.00

Gauge Wheel Tire, 3.00" x 16.00"
Part Number: AMA85133U

Case IH® Planters - 1200 (ASN CBJ0001611)

Great Plains® Planters - YP30, YP40, YP425A (4 Row Pull-Type Yield-Pro Sugar Beet), YP425A3P, YP625A, YP625A3P, YP825A, YP825A3P (8 Row 3-Point Mounted Yield-Pro), YP825AR, YP1225, YP1225A, YP1625, YP1625A, YP2425, YP2425A

John Deere® Grain Drills - 750, 1560, 1590, 1690, 1850, 1860, 1890, 1895, 1990

Kinze® Planters - Models 1993 and Later

White® Planters - 8700, 8742, 8743

Replaces OEM Part Numbers A85133, A75374, A84349

Your Price: $60.00

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