If you own a John Deere®, you probably bleed yellow and green. With good reason! They’re the gold (and green) standard for agricultural equipment. But no matter how great your equipment is, farm work is no joke and your equipment will eventually show wear and tear.

At Abilene Machine, we’re committed to helping make your investment last with replacement parts that are up to the task of farm life. We have a great selection of new, used and remanufactured parts for John Deere® tractors, combines, planters and more. That means you can find the part you need at a price you can afford. If your farm relies on John Deere® equipment, you can rely on Abilene Machine to keep your equipment in top shape with high quality replacement parts for every budget.

Abilene Machine aftermarket parts meet all OEM specifications and requirements. Our FarmTuff® parts are rugged enough to stand up to the wear and tear of heavy farm use.


Our mission is to help bring value to farmers. That means making sure your equipment is running smoothly all season, every season. We know John Deere® is committed to helping you bring in the best possible harvest. We’re committed to getting you the parts you need when you need them to make that possible. That’s why we carry more than 100,000 parts nationwide. Our most popular John Deere® parts include:

  • Air Conditioning & Components
  • Augers
  • Axle Assemblies & Components
  • Belts
  • Cab Components
  • Cornhead Parts
  • Cotton Picker Parts
  • Drivelines & Drive Shafts
  • Electrical Parts
  • Engine Overhaul Kits & Components
  • Feederhouse Parts
  • Fuel System Parts
  • Gauge Wheels, Packer Wheels & Parts
  • Hydraulic Pumps & Parts
  • Injection Pumps & Parts
  • Injectors
  • Mechanical Front Wheel Drive Parts
  • Platform Components
  • Radiators & Components
  • Planter & Drill Parts
  • Seats & Upholstery
  • Sickle Assemblies, Drives & Components
  • Spindles
  • Starters
  • Steering Parts
  • Tie Rods & Components
  • Used Engines

We carry much more in inventory. And often items in stock ship out the same day your order is placed, which means we’ll get you back to the field as quickly as possible.


As a family-owned company, Abilene Machine has been providing farmers with dependable aftermarket replacement parts for over 40 years. Many of us farm or come from family farms, so we know how important it is to be able to count on your equipment to work the field when you need to. Whether you need to make a repair or perform scheduled maintenance, you can depend on us to help keep your equipment in great working condition. Our parts are shipped fast and built to last.

Having trouble finding the part you need? Contact us and we’ll ensure you get the parts you need so you can get back to work.


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Replacement Parts for John Deere® Equipment to Keep You Running Smoothly

Agriculture Replacement Parts for Continued Performance

John Deere Tractor & Combine PartsJohn Deere Replacement Combine PartsJohn Deere Tractor PartsJohn Deere Replacement Cotton Harvesting Parts

In a perfect world your tractor, combine, header, mower and other agriculture equipment would run forever without problems. The reality is that the hard work you put in on your farm takes a toll on your equipment. Getting the John Deere® replacement parts you need is crucial for operational success. Abilene Machine has been a trusted source for agricultural equipment parts since 1974. We stand ready to help farmers keep their equipment working as hard as they do with all the John Deere® replacement parts you’ll ever need.

Searching and filtering Abilene Machine’s extensive database of agricultural parts is easy to do right here on our website. Every page includes a search bar where you can quickly sort ag parts by make, equipment type, model, and category. You can also jump to our robust Advanced Search page if you have specific information on-hand about the specific part you need to find. If you don’t see what you need, you can always contact us for assistance.

Replacement Parts for John Deere® Combines for Consistent Peak Performance

The story of John Deere® combines is one of continuous innovation. The company launched its first combine harvester in 1927, and has continued to provide farmers with the most effective combines ever since. From the hillside harvesters of the 1930s to the self-propelled combines of the 1940s, John Deere has always had one goal in mind: Providing the equipment and technologies farmers need to ensure the best harvest possible year after year. Abilene Machine is proud to be a partner in your success by supplying the combine parts you need to maintain peak performance.

Abilene Machine makes its entire inventory of agricultural parts available online to help you quickly find what you need. From any page of our website you’ll see our search/filter bar to specify the make, equipment type, model, and category you need. Or you can opt for our powerful Advanced Search page if you have specific information on the combine parts you want to find and order, such as a part number. Don’t see what you need? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Replacement Parts for John Deere® Tractors to Drive Productivity

While the John Deere® made a name for itself in agricultural tools and equipment in the 1800s, it was gasoline tractors that became the defining products for the company throughout the 20th century. The first model of its own tractor came out in 1923, and the rest, as they say, is history. Under the banner of its long-standing slogan “Nothing Runs like a Deere,” the company’s tractors range from compact models for small farms to gigantic 4WD and Track Tractors for large-scale agricultural operations. No matter the size of your farm, Abilene Machine has the tractor parts you need to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently.

Always feel free to contact us for assistance in getting the right John Deere® tractor parts you need. If you have an idea of what you want, you can tap directly into our incredible database of ag parts from any page of our website and filter results by make, equipment type, model, and category to find the tractor parts you want. If you know the part number, SKU or OEM reference number, use our powerful Advanced Search page.

Aftermarket Parts for John Deere® Headers for the Efficient Corn Harvesting

As corn became an increasingly important crop throughout every aspect of the food supply, John Deere® saw yet another opportunity to develop an innovative solution to help farmers. It was in the 1950s when the company produced its first “corn head” to revolutionize the harvesting of this key crop. The company’s corn headers allow farmers to cut, shell, and clean corn in one continuous smooth operation. It was a game-changer John Deere® continues to capitalize on to this day with a wide range of sizes to suit today’s large-scale corn harvests. As you gear up for your next big corn harvest, get the header parts you need from Abilene Machine. We’ve been helping farmers get the agricultural parts they need since 1974.

Easily filter our extensive ag parts listings by make, equipment type, model, and category to find the John Deere® header parts you need. If you have information about the header part you need, such as an OEM reference number or part number, use our powerful Advanced Search option. And if you don’t quickly see what you’re looking for, just contact us and we’ll happily assist you.

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