Case IH® Replacement Parts for Peak Performance and Productivity

Continued Performance with Case IH® Agriculture Replacement Parts

When Jerome Case started making threshers in 1842, he may have had a vision for expanding his company. But he could not have known his efforts would eventually result in Case IH®, a major player in today’s agricultural equipment industry known around the world by its standout red color (Harvest Red #50). Early innovations from Case IH® include being the world’s largest maker of steam engines by 1886 and launching the first gas-powered tractor in 1892. Today, the company offers a wide range of equipment to enhance farm productivity, including six different series of tractors, harvesting equipment (headers, combines, cotton pickers and more), applicators/sprayers, tillage machines, planting/seeding equipment, mowers, and much more.

If your farm has come to rely on Case IH® equipment, you can rely on Abilene Machine to get the replacement pars you need to maintain smooth, efficient productivity. Searching our vast database of agriculture parts is simple and fast. Use the search/filter bar on any page to hone in results by make, equipment type, model, and category. You can also use our Advanced Search page if you have a part number, SKU or OEM reference number handy for the part you want. If you’re not finding what you need, please contact us for assistance.

Case IH® Combine Parts for Efficient Grain Harvesting

Jerome Case started out making threshers back in 1842. Little could he have known that there would soon be a single machine that could take care of the reaping, threshing and winnowing tasks of harvesting grains. This combination of tasks in one piece of equipment is why they came to be known as combines. Case IH® offers the industry’s largest lineup of combines to harvest grain quickly and efficiently. Keep your harvest humming with combine parts from Abilene Machine.

Finding the Case IH® combine parts you want is as easy as using the search bar you’ll find on every page of the Abilene Machine website. Filter results from our vast ag parts database by make, equipment type, model, and category. If you have a specific part number, SKU or OEM reference number, feel free to use our Advanced Search page. If at any point you need help finding the agriculture replacement parts you need, all you have to do is contact us for assistance.

Get the Job Done with Case IH® Tractor Parts

Case IH® produced the world’s first steam-powered tractor in 1862, and 30 years later came out with the very first gas-powered tractor in 1892. This was the beginning of a long legacy in tractor innovation for the company: There was the gigantic Titan tractor of 1910; the first Farmall tractor in 1923; higher horsepower than ever before in 1958; the innovative 2+2 row crop articulated tractor in 1980; and many more innovations and awards too numerous to mention.

Keeping your Case IH® tractor in tip-top working shape is the key to meeting your farm’s productivity goals. Abilene Machine stands ready to supply all the Case IH® tractor parts you might need. And you can find them easily from any page of our website by using the search/filter bar to get results by make, equipment type, model, and category. If you know a SKU, part number, or OEM reference number, go ahead and use our Advanced Search page. If you’re not seeing tractor parts you need, always feel free to contact us for assistance. We’re here to help!

Cotton Picking Power with Case IH® Cotton Harvesting Parts

Case IH® came out with the first spindle cotton picker in 1943. A more recent cotton harvesting innovation came in 2006 when the company launched its Module Express 625, which as the world’s first commercial cotton picker capable of building modules while harvesting – all without the use of twine or plastic for quicker processing and less contamination. Case IH® fans know first-hand how cotton farmers will be hard-pressed to find more advanced equipment for cotton picking. And the cotton harvesting parts you need to keep your equipment rolling along can be found here at Abilene Machine.

Our huge database of ag parts is available to you through our website. If you already know what part number you need or have an OEM reference number handy, use our Advanced Search page. Otherwise, use the search/filter bar you’ll see on every page to quickly narrow down your choices by make, equipment type, model, and category. Can’t find cotton harvesting parts you want? We’re ready to help! All you have to do is contact us.

Corn Harvesting Made Easy with Case IH® Header Parts

Case IH® keeps tweaking and improving its corn heads so farmers can pick more corn faster even in adverse conditions. Its corn heads are known to be lighter and more versatile while maximizing grain saving. The company currently offers 11 different models to address the needs of any large-scale corn farming operation. Whether you need 6-row, 8-row, 12-row, 16-row or 18-row capability, Case IH® has you covered. And Abilene Machine backs you up with the header parts you need to make the most of every harvest.

You can access the vast Abilene Machine database of agriculture replacement parts from any page of our website. Just look for the search/filter bar and you’ll quickly narrow down results by make, equipment type, model, and category. If you have an OEM reference or part number, make use of our Advanced Search page. If you need assistance tracking down the header parts you need, always feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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