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Although Kubota® dates back all the way to 1890, it wasn’t until 1960 that the company launched the first Japanese farm tractor. In 1972 the Kubota® Tractor Corporation was formed in the United States to brings its tractors into the American agricultural landscape. Kubota’s bright orange tractors first became popular with many smaller-scale farming operations as the company filled a niche for sub-compact tractors.

The North American company now employs more than 5,000 people and produces a full range of 25 different models of tractors, a variety of mowers, hay/farm implements, utility vehicles, and construction vehicles, including its popular skid steer loader.

When keeping your Kubota® equipment operating at peak performance can make or break your profitability, you can rely on Abilene Machine to quickly supply a wide range of Kubota® ag replacement parts. We carry a wide range of Kubota® tractor parts, excavator parts, skid steer parts, universal products, rims, and Kubota® drivelines. The agriculture equipment replacement parts we carry are made by FarmTuff® to meet all OEM specifications and requirements – quality replacement parts at farm-friendly prices with excellent customer service are what you can expect from Abilene Machine.

Finding the quality Kubota® equipment parts you need is as easy as using the search bar you’ll find at the top of every page of the Abilene Machine website. It allows you to tap directly into our gigantic database of parts and quickly filter search results by make, model, equipment type, and category. If you already have an OEM reference code, part number or SKU, you’ll find what you need faster by using our Advanced Search page. And if you aren’t finding what you need, always feel free to contact us – our friendly customer service staff is ready to help!

Get all the Kubota® Tractor Parts You Need from Abilene Machine

Kubota® tractors are known around the world for being the workhorses needed by farms of all sizes, from the smallest family farm or property owner to large-scale agricultural operations. Kubota® currently produces two sub-compact tractors, seven compact tractors, one economy utility tractor, six utility tractors, three specialty tractors, three larger agriculture tractors, and three tractor loader/backhoes. Its most recent offering is the M8 series, which is Kubota’s largest, most powerful tractor yet. The M8 series features over 200 horsepower and marks the company’s entrance into the large utility tractor market.

Abilene machine has 260+ Kubota® tractor parts to help keep your equipment operating at peak performance. But browsing through our 23 pages of part listings would be a huge waste of time. This is why we put a handy search bar at the top of every page of our website. You can quickly sort our online database of agricultural equipment parts by make, model, equipment type, and category. You can also contact us– we’re always ready to assist you in any way we can.

The Kubota® Excavator Parts You Need are Here at Abilene Machine

Kubota’s industry-leading approach to agricultural equipment is on display with its worldwide #1 best-selling compact excavators. The K series is a conventional swing compact excavator while the U series is a minimum tail swing excavator. When farmers need better side and lifting ability or something that can be operated in tight quarters, Kubota® excavators have become an increasingly popular choice.

The Kubota® excavator parts we can quickly supply through Abilene Machine include nine different major overhaul kits for various Kubota® engine types, a water pump with pulley, and fan belt. All the FarmTuff® agriculture replacement parts we carry are designed to fully meet OEM specifications and requirements.

Your Kubota® Skid Steer Parts are Available Through Abilene Machine

What people appreciate most about the Kubota® skid steer first introduced in 2015 are their wider wheelbase and greater length that combine to provide better stability when working on hilly terrain. Kubota® skid steer fans also point out their superior lift height and reach. Kubota’s skid steer also features an innovative rollup door, which means getting in and out of the cab is never dependent on the position of the boom (swing-out door models require the boom to be lowered all the way to open the door). The Kubota® skid steer also has a roomier, more ergonomic cab to make long stretches of work more comfortable.

The FarmTuff® Kubota® skid steer parts we can quickly supply through Abilene Machine include nine different major overhaul kits for various Kubota® engine types, an alternator, and a water pump. As with all our FarmTuff® agriculture replacement parts are designed to meet all OEM specifications and requirements.

FarmTuff® Replacement Parts for Kubota Drivelines from Abilene Machine

Few things are more frustrating than firing up your Kubota to get some work done only to discover a bad driveline is keeping your rotary cutter from doing its job. The good news is that Abilene Machine can quickly supply you with three different drivelines to get your Kubota equipment back to operating at peak performance. Our AM14106546 (7” friction clutch) and AM14406639 (7” shear pin) drivelines work with Kubota rotary cutters L360, L366, and LM378. Our AM14006340 driveline works with Kubota rotary cutters B342A and BL348A.

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