Extended Wear Augers

Shop the best-built augers in the industry at Abilene Machine. Our inhouse facility includes state-of-the-art equipment that balances, calibrates and tests our augers. These durable parts feature cupped flighting for longer life and greater grain-handling capacity.


Greater grain retention
Cupped Super-Edge™ Helicoid Flighting with enhanced edge thickness and up to 30° lean from vertical allows for increased grain-handling capability.

Increased wear resistance
Key edges of the Super-Edge™ Helicoid Flighting are up to 50% thicker (and a guaranteed minimum of 30% thicker) than standard augers. The tapered edges have targeted reinforcement, so our augers are stronger at the exact spots that tend to wear more easily, giving them a longer life in the field.

Improved strength and durability
Advancements in the Super-Edge™ Helicoid Flighting mean farmers have a stronger auger without extra weight and a more durable part.

Optimized output
With a longer life and higher grain capacity, our augers provide productivity gains over a much longer period, significantly reducing the cost per bushel.

Abilene Machine is a family-owned and operated company that’s been serving farmers for over 40 years. With an inventory of more than 40,000 parts and four locations across the United States, we’ll make sure you get dependable, durable parts shipped fast.

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