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Grammer® Seat and Deluxe Air Suspension for Challenger® Tractor


Challenger® Tractors - 65, 65A, 65B, 65C, 65D, 65E

Ford®/New Holland® Tractors - 8670, 8670A, 8770, 8770A, 8870, 8870A, 8970, 8970A

- Grammer 741 Seat
- Grammer MSG95GL DDS (Dynamic Dampening System) Air Suspension
- Switch Kit
- Mounting Hardware
- Installation Instructions

- Plug-and-play
- Durable gray fabric covering
- Cut-and-sew cushions for added comfort
- Armrests
- Backrest extension for extra backrest height
- Adjustable lumbar support
- Air suspension with 12-volt compressor
- Suspension stroke of 100 mm
- Fore/aft adjustment
- Seat depth/tilt
- Operator presence switch

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Includes 1-Year Warranty

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Grammer® Seat and Deluxe Air Suspension for Challenger® Tractor

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Product Details

When it comes to new seat options at Abilene Machine, we have several viable options in the Grammer family of award winning replacement seats →  742, 741 and 731.  What are the differences between the three seat tops you ask?  We'll carefully go through the specifications of the 741 premium seat assembly from Grammer, below.

The Grammer 741 Cut & Sew is an excellent option as a replacement seat to accompany the air suspension or mechanical suspension in your tractor or combine!  The Cut & Sew cushions are a very desirable choice for replacement seats.  We offer this seat top because we understand the high level of comfort that farmers and ranchers demand and deserve from their so-called office chair.

A tall 18.50" backrest and a 23" wide seat cushion with 4.50" of padding separate this replacement seat from its close relatives, the 742 and the 731.  The seat provides maximum comfort with adjustable lumbar support and a backrest that reclines from -10° to +24°.   Adjustable armrests are a must when it comes to maintaining comfortability and fortunately for you, they come standard on this world-class seat.

Abilene Machine has made it incredibly easy to install with our 'Plug & Play' system.  Your new tractor seat can be easily installed on your current suspension (or on a new Grammer Suspension) with our installation kit.  Our kit allows you to plug the Operator Presence Switch directly into your machine without causing any damage by dangerously splicing into your wiring harness.

As far as suspension goes, there are 7 options to choose from.  Which system you choose should be based on what will fit in your (John Deere®, Case IH®, etc.) machine and what feature(s) you desire.  We will carefully go through the specifications and features of the MSG95DDS, below.

Measuring the seat-well of your machine (the distance between the fenders) is a good start to determining what suspension is right for you and your tractor seat.  The MSG95DDS has a frame width of 11.75" x 16.125".  With that measurement in mind, the next thing to consider is if you'd like a mechanical or pneumatic suspension.  The MSG95DDS sets itself apart from it's close relative (MSG95G) with the addition of the Auxiliary Air Reservoir.  Unlike competitor suspensions, Grammer has included the auxiliary reservoir internally allowing the operator more space in the cab.  The auxiliary reservoir paired with the new dampener technology, go far beyond the industry standard when it comes to getting rid of unwanted jarring and vibrations.  The MSG95DDS is the top-of-the-line suspension from Grammer.

There are two ways to adjust the ride, the side-mounted Paddle Switch and the Fore/Aft Isolator. To increase the height, simply lift the paddle-switch upward to activate the compressor, adding air and distance between you and the cab floor.  The Fore/Aft Isolation lever is located on the left hand side of the suspension.  Flip the lever forward to unlock the front to back movement of your suspension.  In the forward/unlocked position, your suspension will absorb a tremendous amount of the vibration and jarring that comes with operating machinery.

Please navigate through the links below for helpful videos from Grammer!


- Seat Back (18.50” tall without backrest extension)

- Seat Cushion (23” wide x 4.50” thick)

- Adjustable Lumbar Support (set to your desired preference)

- Reclining Backrest (angles from -10° to +24°)

- Adjustable Seat Depth/Tilt (adjust height/angle of cushion to alleviate knee pain)

- Fore/Aft Adjustment - Slide rails allow the operator to slide the seat forward or backward in 0.50” increments

- Adjustable/Foldable Armrest (all day comfort with convenience of folding out of your way when not needed)

- Operator Presence Switch (plugs into your machine without modifying or damaging your wiring harness)

- Backrest Extension (Adds up to 7.50” to the height of your backrest for extra support and comfort)


- Swivel rotates → Integrated ∓20° Allows operator to rotate seat either direction (AMSS11000) **if you have a Command Arm use AM134958 for a 180° swivel

- Command Arm Bracket → A must have for any machine that is currently outfitted with a command arm (if swivel is desired w/ C.A.B., must use swivel # AM134958)

- Side-to-Side Isolator → Control the horizontal movement of your seat giving you an increased level of connectivity for a more comfortable ride

- Seat Belt → meeting your safety standards for operating machinery (without command arm bracket use AM902133 -- with command arm bracket use AM902131)


Abilene Machine, LLC offers a standard 1-year warranty on all new, used and remanufactured parts. Abilene Machine reserves the right to inspect any or all parts returned for warranty before warranty claims will be honored. In all instances, Abilene Machine's sole liability will be either replacing the defective part or a refund not to exceed the purchase price of the defective part.

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What it fits

Challenger® Tractors - 65, 65A, 65B, 65C, 65D, 65E

Ford®/New Holland® Tractors - 8670, 8670A, 8770, 8770A, 8870, 8870A, 8970, 8970A

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Installing Side to Side Isolation on a Grammer Seat and Suspension Assembly
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